Checking In


Just want to check in.

Life is just exciting right now.

School has been going wonderful,

Enjoying my short expeditions to take photographs around Singapore,

Optimistic about what’s there to come.

This period of my life reminds me so much of when I was in junior college (about 3 years ago) and how enjoyable it was to be in school. I have always loved school since I was in secondary school.

I just love the constant flow of new knowledge that I get to learn every day, the friends that I can make and the atmosphere of being in an academic setting.

Currently, it is nearing my examination period and it brings so much nostalgia along with it; reading revision tips online, watching How-to and motivational videos…

Well. It is just wonderful, I think.


To the future me who might be reading this in the future,

Just know that you had loved this kind of life and you had achieved that long-term dream of entering a university. If you’re sad, do not be because I know that there is potential within you to achieve what you want, whenever you want.

Take a deep breath and press on.




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