It’s Sad, Really.

The one thing that I constantly fear is the unexpected death of my loved ones.

I can see myself tolerate and maintain a hardened expression when the death is expected, say, maybe through an illness. However, if the death is to be unexpected, say, through an accident or the occassional heart attack, I don’t think I could take that kind of shock.

It scares me every single day that one day, this might actually happen and it might be a reality that I have to face.

All of us know how unexpected death can be. It can affect anyone no matter the age, fitness, socio-economic background or whatever. It strikes when it wants to and it is this fear that reminds me every single day to be grateful to my loved ones, to my family and friends and to whomever that I care.

And I hope that if reality decides to test me, I would be thankful to be allowed to show my gratitude to that person when they were still alive.


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