Good Will Hunting

I’m currently watching a movie called, ‘Good Will Hunting’ starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon. In that movie, there’s a particular scene which really struck me about what it means to experience true love.

“That’s why I’m not talkin’ right now about some girl I saw at a bar twenty years ago and how I always regretted not going over and talking to her. I don’t regret the 18 years I was married to Nancy. I don’t regret the six years I had to give up counseling when she got sick. And I don’t regret the last years when she got really sick. And I sure as hell don’t regret missin’ the damn game. That’s regret.”

— Sean Maguire (Robin Williams)

William Hunting, Matt Damon, asked Sean Maguire if he regretted missing a legendary game for a girl he did not even know, Sean replied that he did not regret it at all because that girl was the one he truly loved from the moment he set his eyes on her.

In that short quote, it struck me at how much he was willing to sacrifice for his wife, to be with her without complaints, and to love her unconditionally even as she was dying.

It is really telling about what it means to experience true love. You are willing to do anything for that person, and you would sacrifice anything without hesitation.

I guess, you do not regret a single moment that you spent with them. The fighting, the arguments, all pales in comparison to the love that you have for each other.

And I hope that one day, I will be able to experience that same type of love.



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