Living Long is Boring

Everywhere you look there will always be an advertisement featuring a product that claims would make you look younger, fresher, healthier. There is also a rising trend in people getting botox on their faces or going under the knife just to make themselves look youthful. However, this trend of ‘youthification’ of society is not only happening in the cosmetics sector but also in the research community.

I’m taking a module in university about the ‘Mysteries of Ageing’. It is more of a seminar rather. We talk and discuss the factors that affect ageing and the ways scientists could tackle it. However, throughout the lessons, I came to question, why would anyone want to live longer and how much longer?

Let us take this scenario for example. Imagine one day, you are told that you are blessed with the gift of living till the age of 200. Assuming that your health remains the same as of now, what would you do with all that time? Keep in mind that life still goes on as per normal. You would still need to pay the bills and probably work.

Would you party your life away? Travel around the world? Read all the books in the world? Gather as much knowledge about the cultures and languages all over the world? How would you spend all of that time?

When will it start to get boring and repetitive?

Personally, I would not want to live till 200 or even till 150 because it quickly gets boring. It is not possible for one to travel throughout those 200 years or party or read books. It will get mundane and repetitive over time.

Sometimes less is more.

By living a shorter life, one is able to cherish the moments better. Each moment that happened in your life is a larger percentage when you live until the age of 80 compared to living until the age of 200. Each moment would be so much more meaningful.

Furthermore, I believe that this world is not able to entertain and pleasure us forever. It is a world with limits and I guess, once I’m done with my time here, it would be best to move on instead of living longer than I have to.


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