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You know what,

I’m guilty of not taking and listening to my own advice and I realised that if I don’t start swallowing that bitter medicine, I wouldn’t be better than where I am today.

I mean, most of us are guilty of this.

We are guilty of giving advice to someone else that we, ourselves, will not practise. We tell others to work hard but we don’t. We tell others to aim for the stars but we don’t. We tell others to take the risk but we don’t.

And I realised that it is a lost on our part because most of the advice that we give others are actually effective and true.

We advise others to do the things we do not want to do because we envisioned them to be our stronger self, the successful self. We want them to achieve what we decided not to achieve even though we have the potential for it. We want them to succeed because we know that deep inside, it is a painful journey that we do not want to tread.

But ultimately, it is our lost. My lost.

So, I’ve decided to swallow that bitter medicine for my own good.