It is not about being famous…

But it is your intention that should drive the work that you do.


I’ve recently watched the video above which is part of a series by Chase Jarvis called “30 Days of Genius” (everyone should watch it).

This was a particular interview with Seth Godin who achieved many great things throughout his life thus far. In his interview, he talked about how it is important to know what you are doing something. He urged us to think about the intention of our work, especially in the creative world. We shouldn’t aim to be famous but aim to put work that matters.

He talked about permission marketing and the goal of a marketer or a creator is to not be tolerated but to be missed when they’re gone. E.g. instead of shouting and constantly advertising a particular product (people tolerate this), but instead, one should strive to produce quality content that people will miss when it is gone.

And that is only half of the video.

Seth Godin dropped wonderful advice that I believe is applicable to all of us, creators or not. Therefore, I urge everyone to watch the video.

I am working on trying to do just that in my creative work. 🙂


What should be our Goal?


Just that, happiness.

It really doesn’t matter what our careers are, what our level of education is, where we live or even how rich we are, all that matters is whether we are happy with where we are currently.

This is also a reminder for me.

As I get swept away with the pains and disappointments of school, I tend to forget what truly matters. I get carried away with the things that should be a priority.

And happiness should be the priority.

Effort ≠ Results

Screw this.

When I see my results from the tests I have taken, they do not reflect the effort that I had put in.

I feel disappointed, really. It is as though the universe is telling to give up and go home.

Honestly, why am I putting so much effort anyway?

I tried so hard to do better, maybe I haven’t been trying hard enough? Have I been lying to myself all these while?

Or maybe I never had the potential to begin with?

I don’t know. Honestly, it is tiring to chase after something that can never be caught.

However, I just know that deep within, I could do better but it just isn’t happening.

I guess, for now, I need to reevaluate my studying techniques. Maybe it really isn’t just quantity but quality. Possibly, my quality is lacking and thus, I need to brush them up.

Oh, help me please.

I know giving up is never the way and I shouldn’t dwell on my failures.

But it really is painful to see that all those hours have gone to waste.

It starts now.


I’m Afraid.


I’m afraid.

Afraid of everything.

I’m afraid of the expectations people have of me, I have of me.

I’m afraid of failing. Afraid of not being able to keep my word. Afraid that I will not be able to achieve what I said I want to achieve.

I’m afraid of looking like a joke.

I’m afraid of being that person who has a big mouth and all he can and will do is talk.

I’m afraid that I will not be a man of action, the person I truly aspire to be.

I’m afraid, I really am.

1 Creative Work / Day


Even though it isn’t the start of a new month, but whatever.

I am going to start a new monthly challenge.

The goal of this monthly challenge is to create.

So, the challenge is that I have to post a creative work every single day for the next month. The creative work has to be either in the form of a movie, a written story, or engagement on either Snapchat/InstaStory.

The definition of creativity is set loose so that I can give myself some flexibility to work around it.

Now. Today is Day 1.


It is more than just you.


It is never the answer to anything.

You know who dies with you when you kill yourself?

A whole lot.

Maybe they do not physically die, but their hearts do. The hearts of your loved ones, your friends, the people who know you.

When you kill yourself, you end more than just your life, you end the hope and dreams of others. People get affected by such a tragedy. They become paralysed and experience emotional trauma.

The pain goes way deeper when you didn’t let them try to save you. When you decided to kill yourself even before they had the chance to lend a helping hand.

It is not worth it.

And suicide will never be the answer to anything.