Conquer Life?

I have always wanted to reach the level of intellect and talent of those college students who can ace both their examinations and activities outside class.

They seem to have everything figured out, from when to study to when they party.

And I’m here, still trying to get myself settled.

As a whole, University is fun for me. I mean, I am able to try out so many new things and meet so many wonderful people but sometimes, what you envisioned it to be, doesn’t happen.

For instance, I envisioned myself to be like one of those college students who has everything figured out, unfortunately, I may be living in a fantasy. I didn’t do well for my tests and even though it might be too early to say it, it might be a sign of my weak capabilities as a student.

I don’t know.

I guess I shouldn’t stress myself about it now and to just focus on the hustle. I mean, University is easy compared to real life. Real life is hard and if I cannot conquer University, what makes me think that I can conquer life?






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