I Had Lived


Ah, that period of the day where people are either still half asleep or revved up and prepared to go.

Some would rush to get their coffee fix for the day while others seem to have a natural energy that they harvested from a night’s rest.

For me, I love mornings.

I’m usually the most productive during the day. You can call me a morning person. I mean, what is so bad about mornings. The air is cool, the birds are chirping and the streets are quiet (especially on Sunday).

It is also the period of time where I’m most contemplative (evenings too!). Therefore, this morning I had this thought:

A few days ago, I was sitting through a lecture on Ageing and the lecturer said something fascinating that had been bugging my mind ever since. All of us will have to face the decision; whether we want to live a long life that is painful or a shorter one that is painless?

I mean, both have their pros and cons.

Living a longer life albeit a painful one allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, getting to know them better and cherish every single moment with them. A shorter life allows you to die much less painfully.

Yesterday, I was watching a video on TED entitled, “How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed?” The speaker introduced the idea of premortem whereby you think about the things that are going to happen and take steps to prevent it. This idea can be applied to the question that I had asked you above.


Think about what really matters to you.

For me, when my life is coming to an end, I wouldn’t want to be plugged up onto machines and be sliced apart. I feel that it would be better to go when it is time, without hesitation, especially if I know that I had lived life fully.

Thus, that is what I strive every single day. To make every second of my life worth it. To be at the end and being able to say, “I HAD LIVED.”






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