Again, I’m in that mood.

I’m in one of those moods again.

The mood where I’m feeling half hopeless and half exhausted with life.

I don’t know why though but from time to time I would enter such moods and it will completely ruin my day.

I feel very unmotivated and just mentally exhausted. So, when I went to the gym just now, I didn’t do anything productive and everything felt really heavy.

However, it is also in these moods that I would reflect on life and look at how far (or not) I’ve come.

Reflecting back to the past few days, I felt that I haven’t been practising much humility. I felt that I was too obnoxious or too egoistical. Maybe people don’t notice it but I honestly felt like I was. I felt like I was showing off too much and complimenting myself and putting down others. Honestly, I feel bad now.

I’m trying so hard to be humble, to bring myself to a lower level but sometimes, I just feel expressive and I need to put myself out there.

I still have to work on this humility thing.

May Allah help me in my efforts.



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