Mr. Feynman, An Inspiration

I just watched a video about Richard Feynman, the renowned physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate.

One major thing that I took away from the video is his personality of being amazed and interest in the world. Even as one of the most intelligent man of his time, Feynman still let his personality loose, playing pranks and making jokes. He was amazed by the world, wanting to learn whatever that interests him and going all in.

The most inspiring thing about him was that he did not let the criticisms of people decide what he can or cannot do. His actions are boundless and raw, doing things in ways that are usually considered unorthodox. It is because he had an immense level of self-respect and self-awareness. He knows how great he was and took comfort in that.

Honestly, I aspire to be a fraction of what Feynman was, to be able to have fun while in the search of knowledge and to be able to be a wonderful communicator, spreading knowledge in ways that can be understood by anyone. His zest for life and passion in what he did is inspiring.

“I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there.”
– Richard Feynman


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