Planning? Failing?

“You fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I’m sure all of us have heard that at least once in our lives.

That quote holds a heavy lesson of how it is important to plan properly before execution or else we fail.

For most of us, that is true.

One has to have a definite goal to achieve by the end of the day. If not, one may circle about a work in the pretence that they’re actually doing something productive. For the majority of us, we require a quantitative goal, something that can show us that we actually did work and thus, we need a plan.

It is the 24th October 2016 and it is about a month or less to my finals. Everyone is slowly gearing up, work piling up, revisions underway. Thus, for me, it is time to set a plan, a quantitative goal of the work I have to complete and the work that I want to do. To set me straight.

Now, let me begin crafting out a plan that will bring me higher.


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