It is not about being famous…

But it is your intention that should drive the work that you do.


I’ve recently watched the video above which is part of a series by Chase Jarvis called “30 Days of Genius” (everyone should watch it).

This was a particular interview with Seth Godin who achieved many great things throughout his life thus far. In his interview, he talked about how it is important to know what you are doing something. He urged us to think about the intention of our work, especially in the creative world. We shouldn’t aim to be famous but aim to put work that matters.

He talked about permission marketing and the goal of a marketer or a creator is to not be tolerated but to be missed when they’re gone. E.g. instead of shouting and constantly advertising a particular product (people tolerate this), but instead, one should strive to produce quality content that people will miss when it is gone.

And that is only half of the video.

Seth Godin dropped wonderful advice that I believe is applicable to all of us, creators or not. Therefore, I urge everyone to watch the video.

I am working on trying to do just that in my creative work. 🙂


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