Do We Blame Him?

If you haven’t heard, Donald Trump just won the presidency for the United States of America.

Wow. What a sad day it is for the world… Or is it?

I mean, are we truly surprised by the outcome?

Do we really think that this is an outcome that is impossible?

I always had the feeling that Trump might stand a chance of winning the presidency, not because of his policies and intelligence (or lack of), but because he was able to rouse a crowd and turn their fears into something tangible.

But can we really blame him for everything that has happened to the US?

Well, not really.

I think that the hatred, the fear and the anger have always been there, lurking in the shadows of political correctness. But Trump removed all of that. He showed that one should not need to be politically correct. One should instead embrace the anger and the hatred inside if one wants to change something for good.

I think, if it weren’t for Trump, someone else or some other catalyst would cause that bubble of anger to burst.

Maybe, instead of blaming Trump, maybe it is the way the US leaders had allowed things to happen at the expense of its people. Issues such as migration, the painful effects of capitalism and torn down and run down facilities of the country were neglected. Over time, they lost the trust of the politicians and it became issues that people are no longer willing to let them handle. They probably decided that they need a new face.

I guess, ultimately, Trump’s rhetoric is the product of all of those years of neglect, hatred and anger and by him running for the presidency (and now the President), he let all of those emotions out of people to play.


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