Ask, Ask, Question.

I love to ask questions.

And the contents of my blog reflect that.

I want people to really question the norm, to question the things that are around them. I want people to be able to adopt different perspectives, ways of thinking and to be curious. Because I feel that people are not really challenging or questioning themselves, their actions, or the world around them. And I believe that it is something that we have to fix.

The lack of questioning leads to the lack of self-awareness, a lack of curiosity, a lack of clarity, all of which will make our minds fogged up, unsure of the purpose and direction we need to steer our life towards.

In the history of this blog, I believe that I have brought up many ideas and perspectives. I’ve asked countless questions too, ranging from the meaning of life to relationships and I hope that it might cause some of us to start questioning and be curious.

All I can be is a catalyst to start the process.

So, start questioning, be curious, discover the vast knowledge that the world has to offer.




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