What it takes to start?

We are obsessed with trying to do something perfectly/correctly that we stopped trying to actually do it.

I experienced that many times, in work, when I was trying to film or even when I want to study. I always wanted it to happen at the proper time, pushing back the actual work. I always seem to want certain things to be available to me before I can start the actual work. I waited, procrastinated and ended up not doing anything at all.

I realised that it is a habit that all of us have to break because it brings no benefit to us at all.

The truth is that we can actually do the work that we need to do without most of the things we think we need. Want to film a video? You just a phone camera. Want to start exercising? You don’t need all those fancy clothes, expensive shoes, high-end sports watch. All you need is a pair of cheap running shoes. Want to learn? You don’t need to sign up for expensive classes nor buy expensive books. All you need is the internet.

After all, what matters in the end, is that we start. It doesn’t matter if we have everything in the world but not doing anything with them.

So, let’s break that habit and know that we can start even with the little things that we have.


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