No Permission Needed

I am obsessed with Casey Neistat’s vlogs so when he said that he’ll be stopping them, I was crushed. His daily vlogs were daily doses of inspiration for me, motivating me to live the hustle life and to always put in the work.

So, I began to watch his interviews with people, his advice on life and success, and something he said resonated with me. It is that we no longer need the permission to create.

We no longer need the permission from other people to create.

Through his videos and vlogs, you can see him actualising that statement. He will do anything to get the shot, to film first and apologise later, to do the things that he set his mind to.

I suggest that you watch his interviews to truly appreciate the genius that is Casey Neistat.

I am definitely going to miss his vlogs but his decision to quit because it no longer brings any creative benefit to him is something that I totally admire and respect.

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