Phases of Life

You know that you’ve moved on to the next phase of life when the topics that you and your friends talk about changes.

In the past, it was all about gaming and anime and to a certain extent, it still is but then another topic comes creeping in: relationships.

As I turn 21 in about 11 days time, the issue of being in a relationship and finding ‘The One’ becomes more pressing. It seems to me that the common idea that “you’re old and it’s about time to find the one” is in everyone’s mind.

I mean when a friend of mine told me “if you don’t find now, when?”, I was taken aback. I mean, now I have to struggle with the realisation that I’m getting older and it is about time to do the thing called ‘adulting’.

Honestly, I know that it is something that I should not rush in nor should be something this stressful but the thought that your chances get slimmer as you get older becomes more of a painful truth that I have to come to terms with.

So, now I’m lost. It’s a choice between to step out or to remain the same. To take risks or to take your time. Well, I guess this is life and it is what everyone who’s turning 21 will struggle with.


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