There are many things that we want but there are only so many things that we need.

How do we balance them out?

How do we stop ourselves from consuming more than we need?

This thought came to me when I was looking into the minimalism lifestyle, not because I want to be a minimalist but because I was interested in the cleanliness and the aesthetics of minimalism.

Minimalism is the lifestyle of keeping everything to a minimum and only purchase or own things that you need.

Most, if not all minimalist start out by discarding all the things that they do not need and by understanding that most things that they have e.g. memorabilia, are for ‘just in case’ which never happens.

I also face the save dilemma when I’m about to throw something. Do I really need that thing or do I just want to keep it in the event where I MIGHT need it? Most of the time, I realised that that event when I need it will never happen.

Also, memories are a huge part of my life. This is why I love to take photographs and record videos. Thus, there are many things in my life, e.g. letters and such, which I keep for the sake of keeping.

But then, we do not need them. They are a baggage. A burden.

Take a photograph of them if you need and chuck them away.

To be honest, I’m just sharing my opinion and what I’ve learnt so far about minimalism and how some of the ideas are in parallel with what I believe, however, I am by no means a minimalist. Though, I am trying to keep the items I own to a minimum.

Looks, like I have much work to do. Till next time!


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