It is Important to have Enthusiasm

In the past few posts, I posted about how unmotivated, exhausted and completely drained creatively I was.

I think I’ve found the answer to the problem; I hadn’t been enthusiastic about my work anymore and let it fall into the trap of routine.

Having a routine can sometimes be good but in this case, it is bad. For creatives or people who depend their minds to constantly come up with new ideas, falling into a routine could make the mind go lazy and stagnant.

I realised this problem when I was talking about intentions with a friend and how important it is to have true intentions in whatever we do. I realised that I no longer have the intention in mind when I’m carrying out my tasks and activities. In the past, whenever I study, I had the intention of getting great grades and to learn. Now, it became something of a routine, seemingly ‘learning’ because I have to.

I guess by always reminding oneself of the intention of the task will prime the brain to be focused on just that one intention. It will allow oneself to control the wandering mind and to completely delve themselves into deep and productive work.



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