The Thirst for Knowledge

I’m writing this because I am so amazed by the leaps and bounds past ‘men of science’ went through for their discoveries and research.

I just ended a lecture on Evolution. It was a lecture that was focused on the historical aspect of the discovery.

The lecturer told the story of how Darwin (it was about Wallace just now) and many other ‘naturalists’ of the time go about their discoveries and it was especially heartening to see so much hard work that was put into the discovery of the ‘Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection’.

I’m not sure why, maybe due to the interesting aspect of the way they went about their work and reaching a conclusion, but it just fascinates me.

By fast-forwarding through time, I realised that we are exceptionally blessed with the immense amount of knowledge that we have today; knowledge that we can easily get through the use of Google (though we need to check for reliability) with just a click or a tap on a screen.

I just think that we no longer have that drive to acquire more knowledge, going to school as just a part and parcel of life. The hunger and thirst for new knowledge seem lacking. WE have gotten lazy in our education, trying to get the easy way out and in that process, we short-change ourselves. We cared so much of the end-point but do not seek (or care) to appreciate the journey.

We are no longer ‘men of science’ like how Darwin and Wallace once were and it is a sad reality that we have to deal with.

Maybe society has put too much pressure on us to get to the end point without emphasising the importance of the process. Maybe we can and should blame society? What about ourselves? I’m sure society did not tell us what to do. I’m sure each and every one of us has free will? Shouldn’t we then blame ourselves for being too focused on the paper and not the journey of acquiring knowledge?

I don’t know.

I am currently facing that problem, the problem of being a motivated student of knowledge. Truly I want to be a student who seeks knowledge and not a student who seeks to get As for examinations but I guess it is hard. Papers define everything.

Maybe reviving the era of enthusiasm for knowledge is futile and tough. I don’t know.

I just know that if we can do it, it is what’s best for humanity.


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