The Heart is a Wild Thing

Sometimes it becomes hard to find the distinction between needs and wants.

As humans, we yearn for the things that we do not have.

But to what extent do we follow our heart’s desires?

The heart is a wild thing with its ever-changing needs and wants. It aches when it wants something, attempting to influence your rational mind to listen to it. Sometimes, we fall into its trap, giving in to the desires but most of the time (I hope), our rational mind is able to take back control.

Allow me to give an example. Have you ever had a crush? Do you recognise that familiar feeling of ache and pull towards that someone, whoever it might be? You thought that it might only be once, but as you lead through life, you realised that that feeling happens over and over again. You began to question whether it is a special kind of feeling or if it is just the game of the heart?

Sometimes, we gave in, the desires were strong enough to force us into action, and so we did. But, if it happens countless times, how will we know that the choice we make and the actions that we take is the right one?

I guess this is where the rational mind must come in to tame the wild heart.

There are also other ways the heart attempts to influence you i.e. shopping, games. All of them works the same way whereby the heart aches for it.

Thus, in my opinion, it is crucial for the rational mind to tame the heart, to bring it other control. The only way to do it is to practise. To be conscious that your heart is trying to influence you, get control of it, tell it ‘No’.


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