Old Romance

I smiled.
When I saw a middle-aged man waiting patiently at the bus stop and smiled when he saw his wife alight a bus.
I smiled.
When I saw that wife of the middle-aged man pushing away her husband’s hand who was trying to help her with her bag.
I smiled.
As they walked side by side down the pathway till I couldn’t see them any longer, probably talking about their day.
I smiled.
When I realised that that was genuine love. That sweet, mushy, fluffy feeling that wells up inside.
I mean, it is just vastly different when one observes the romance between two old birds vs that of a young one. It doesn’t make you feel awkward or weirded out.
Maybe it is the aura that resonates from them. I don’t know. But what I do know is that it felt almost sacred.
And it is that that I aspire to have.

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