Head in the Game

I’m in the midst of writing a long form post for IAS2017. However, I would require more time to complete it. Furthermore, it would include photographs and such and thus, would really require time for it to be a good one. One that encapsulates my experience in IAS2017 as a whole.

Anyway, I did not really do much today and I realised that the stagnation stresses me out. I have this intense need to study every single time and if I don’t (like during my peak busy periods), I’ll stress the hell out.

But I did not study today for something understandable and thus, I shall attempt to shrug it off.

Anyway, I still have much to learn in the art of saying ‘No’. Just a thought.

I have 2 mid-terms left and I somehow have this emotion of elation and excitement as if Finals have already ended. I need to put my head back in the game and focus on these two examinations that are slowly creeping in.

Let the hustle reignite.


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