A Kind of Discipline

People have always asked me why do I sleep early?

I guess the simplest answer I can give is that it is routine. In fact, it is more of a kind of discipline than routine. Throughout my recent years, I’ve been trying to find a routine that will improve my productivity, alertness, and motivates me to do deep work. Sleeping turns out to be a key part of the equation.

By having a routine, it keeps my mind in check, and ensure that I lead a life of discipline too.

However, sometimes it is hard to follow the routine. Recently, there were many days where I had internal debates of whether to sleep or continue doing work. I wanted to feel accomplished and I felt as if I did not deserve the sleep. However, like today, I believe sleep is still crucial for my productivity and thus, I’d rather sleep than do work late into the night.

If you know me, I’m totally not into unexpectedness and events that I cannot anticipate. It scares me. Thus, if I do not sleep on a specific time and would have to expect sleepiness during the day and that will push back plans planned.

Oh well.



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