Fear of Authority

Losing myself.

There are many things going for me. Many good things.

However, I can’t help but wonder whether I’m acting the part.

Titles placed upon a person can change the way a person act, respond and even change the way they carry themselves. One good example is the Stanford Prison Experiment, the famed experiment that went out-of-hand too quickly that it had to be stopped prematurely. It shows just how quickly a title can change someone.

Especially so if you’re placed in a position of authority.

I’m not placed in the position of authority, maybe not yet but I can’t help but ponder about whether I can emulate what that position requires me to be.

I’m fearful because I wasn’t a good officer in NS. I failed to carry my role well, to emulate what being an officer actually meant. It was a learning point for me. Thus, if I were to get a position equivalent to that, I fear that I might not do a good job.

I don’t know. So far, I had only one experience, Head of Publicity for IAS2017. However, that was minor compared to what might be handed over to me one day.


Let me just do my best and not be afraid to ask for help.



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