Old Friends

We all know the importance of having friends. Most of us even have close friends, friends whom we’ve known for years, friends that will always be there for you no matter what.

I do have a group of friends whom I’ve known for 8 years! I mean, they’re such important people to me and they’re the ones who’ve been with me since I was a young teenager going through the pains of puberty. It is amazing to still be friends with people who have seen you in the most vulnerable to states.

However, sometimes, friends can lose touch due to some circumstances. Especially 30 years ago, the age before the internet. Thus, when my parents met their old friends from back when they were in primary school, it was a beautiful sight. It was a beautiful sight to see their excited, ecstatic, surprised emotions. I’m sure they’ve talked a lot about the past and tried to catch up as much as they possibly could. IMAGINE 30 YEARS TO CATCH UP ON!

I mean, it must be a wonderful feeling.

I began to wonder if that would be the case for me in the future. But I guess not. Not that I wouldn’t miss any of my friends but it would be so easy to keep in touch with technology and whatnot. That intense feeling of surprise and wonderment wouldn’t be the same.

Anyway, I just hope that I will continue to be in touch with friends that I know today. Though, quality friends will definitely matter more.

Till then. 🙂


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