Share? No more.

I have decided to remove the share function on my blog so that only those who manually typed in the URL will be able to visit it.

I guess it stems from a comment a friend of mine made about the quality of my posts. In recent months, I have to admit that the quality of my posts has been dropping. Not that it really mattered but it goes to show the lack of effort I put into each post.

This blog was created from something more than just empty ramblings. In the past, it had a purpose: to share my thoughts and ideas with the world, to have a place to store my memories, to leave a legacy behind.

But all of that wouldn’t matter if the delivery of it sucked.

This is the moment where I might throw in an excuse for the lacklustre performance of my blog, however, I shall not.

Thus, to get back to the point of this post, it is just to share with you why I’m changing certain things; I want it to be a blog of quality, a blog where people can grasp ideas and understand my point of view. I guess that would make my posts even more beneficial.

I’m sure my ideas of blogging will continue to evolve over time but for now, this is what I think is the direction I need to head to.

Here’s to many more years of blogging.


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