University, being in a state of constant fatigue

University is like being in a state of constant fatigue.

Waking up early, sleeping in late, the whole day busy with assignments and classes, not forgetting the extra-curricular activities we’ve signed up for. To top all that off, we need time to socialise, exercise and for some of us, work.

I have been trying to find ways to cope with the immense workload that comes in, the preparations required before classes and whatnot but I’ve always fallen short of achieving it. I tried my best to always be on task, to be in a constant state of hustling but I guess that’s not possible.

It is as if one is always in a chase, a chase that we are bound to lose.

But I guess that’s the challenge as a university student isn’t it? I’m pretty sure every student faces the same problem year in and year out. One just has to find their own way of coping with it.

For me, even though university is tiring and draining for the soul, the excitement that comes with it every single day is enough to fuel my body for the day.

I can talk about the countless fun I have for just being in school but that’ll take forever. However, the friends and the atmosphere of just being in school is what truly keeps me going.

And I’m sure the excitement will continue.


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