Deep, focused work.

You know what I realised when I put in the time and effort into what I’m doing?

I get better results.

Most of the time, I feel as if I’m in a rush, a rush to complete one task and then another. Without me knowing, this movement from one task to the next affected the quality of my work, be it photography, writing and even schoolwork.

I believe I’d written about this before on my blog but let me just elaborate.

To do deep work is to put in our heart and soul into the task that we are doing, to be completely focused. However, most of the work that we’ve been doing are surface work. Tasks that are only lightly touched on the surface. Why? Because we’re always distracted by the countless distractions all around us.

The results of putting in deep work are tremendous.

I did it for one my articles/blog posts on Medium this morning and damn was my sentences clear, clean and correct (most of the time not).

It made me realise how lacking I am in doing deep work and a habit that I need to cultivate.


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