Illusion of Understanding

Sometimes we think we know something but in fact, we don’t.

One good example is the content of what we need to learn. I’ve experienced it this morning when I was ‘revising’ for my chemistry module. I had the impression the day before that I knew what was happening and how to solve questions. However, when I began to attempt the practice questions, my mind was everywhere. I couldn’t even grasp the way to begin answering the question, my knowledge on the topic was everywhere and I began to panic.

It was devastating because I had the illusion that I understood the topic but in fact, I don’t. What made it worse was that I even had the cheek to think that I could have done well for the questions. I HAD TO REFER TO MY NOTES COUNTLESS TIMES BECAUSE I COULDN’T REMEMBER SHIT.

I was disappointed in myself but I’m glad. I’m glad that I recognised the problem early and not 2 days before Finals. I still have time to brush up on what I do not know.

I guess it is a lesson for us all. We should not brush aside revision for whatever we are learning just because we FEEL that we understood it, as most of the time, we don’t.

This same goes for physical training. Don’t let the illusion of what you can achieve shroud what you could’ve achieved. Sometimes, we need to actually test ourselves to know where we are.


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