Why Work Hard

I hate to fail. 

I hate to disappoint. 

I hate to be at the edge of disaster. 

I work hard not only because I want a bright future, I work hard because I’m investing in my future. I don’t want the time I have to be a waste. To have all my efforts fall short of results. I don’t know want it to all go down the drain. 

Like what my coach repeatedly tells us, “Rugi”. Which means ‘what a waste’ in Malay. He repeatedly reminds us that when we train, we don’t want and should never let our efforts be a vain. Put in your all and that’s how you get better. Don’t reserve your energy. Just give it your all. 

In retrospect, that was how I managed to run a 9:36 for 2.4KM back in National Service. The intense morning sprints and evening jogs were painful but it all paid off because I gave it my all. 

The same concept can be applied for our studies. Put in your all, embrace the pain of learning and it’ll become easier over time. 

I guess it is the discomfort that puts most of us off but it is a crucial phase all of us need to go through to be better. 

I’m still learning to embrace that pain and I must say that I have still far to go.  

So, why do I work hard? 

Because I want to be better. I want to be on the continuous cycle of improving and developing myself. Being stagnant is not an option. 

The discomfort is part of the package. 


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