A task at a time

I think this problem has been apparent to me for quite a while now. However, I guess only now I am truly facing it head on.

I have a problem of unable to focus on one thing for a considerable amount of time. As of now, my mind is wandering onto what is happening on Twitter and what other ‘productive’ things that I can do besides writing.

I believe it is a problem of this day and age because of the widespread use of technology and social media, each vying for our limited resource, our attention.

On my Instagram for example, I have logged into 4 different Instagram account, 3 of which are not my personal accounts; accounts that are part of my duty to update and organise. Therefore, I can’t help myself and enter a perpetual state of unlimited scrolling and liking and checking of comments.

I began to wonder how creatives are in control of their focus.

Even when I am studying, my mind wanders into the future, on what to do next and what other ‘brilliant’ ideas I can come up with. The worry for Finals or lack of also strolled in once in a while.

I understand the importance of having deep work, to work on what task at a time and go all in but… uh… I’m trying my best to bring myself back in. Maybe I should try that weird breathing technique for Mindfulness that I’d learnt from CFG1010. Hmm…



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