Friday Prayers

It is raining heavily now and I’m glad that I managed to make it back home. Friday prayers just ended and since it is the Good Friday holiday today, the mosque was packed to the brim. There were so many people from different races and socio-economic background, all praying the weekly congregational prayer together. Apart from the huge mass of people, something else felt special about today’s prayer. Maybe it was the imam for the day or the khutbah itself but I felt that I was completely focused.

Also, I felt that today’s khutbah is particularly in line with what is happening in our communities around the world. Therefore, I’d like to share a few key points that struck me. You can find the full version of the khutbah on Muis’ website here.

  1. Allah SWT will give the reward of Paradise to those who have pure and noble heart, which is free from envy and jealousy.

    Allah s.w.t. has given this man the reward of Paradise. Paradise that is as wide as the skies and the earth. Such a magnificent reward from Allah s.w.t. awaits those who have a pure and noble heart, which is free from envy and jealousy.


  2. A really lit hadith which I think all of us should remember as we go about our daily lives:

    Prophet s.a.w said, (meaning): Beware of envy, for it consumes good deeds just as fire consumes wood or grass. [Hadith reported by Imam Abu Daud].

    This hadith really struck me because all of us definitely have some envy inside. We might not know it but our envy can be as subtle as getting upset for not getting the same treatment from a person of position i.e. boss, teacher, parents. It is an everyday occurrence and we might not know it but that envy builds up inside to the point that we end up hating that person that we envy.

    It is also a common occurrence, especially with social media. As we scroll through our feeds, envy slowly build up as we compare our lives with that of others, wanting what they have.

  3. Building up from the previous point, we need to remember that we shouldn’t envy the person for what he or she has as Allah SWT grants blessings to everyone differently.

    Allah gives because He wishes to gives, and He has the power to withdraw or delay a blessing. Hence, one should not be envious and jealous of the blessings that come from Allah, and remember that the blessings do not come from the person himself.

    We might want what that person has but it can occur the other way round. We might not know it but that person might want something we have. A good example is probably fame. We might want to be famous like the big celebrities out there but they might instead want the quietness of our lives.

  4. So, if you’re feeling good that someone is suffering, and feel bad when someone succeeds, you’re envious.

    If good touches you, it distresses them; but if harm strikes you, they rejoice at it. And if you are patient and fear Allah, their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed, Allah is encompassing of what they do. [Surah Ali Imran: 120].

    I think it is also a reminder for as much as it is a reminder for you. We should always be aware of what our minds think to recognise the diseases of our own hearts.

  5. The best way to prevent hasad is to be thankful for the blessings and gifts Allah SWT provide us with.

    Being grateful preserves and protects our heart from envy, especially when we see our family members and friends attaining the comforts of life. This is because gratitude will give us a sense of realisation that all the affairs in this world are in the hands of Allah s.w.t.

  6. Finally, do not sit around. If you’re feeling envious, use it for good. Work for what you want instead of just sitting around procrastinating. This also happens to be what I’ve been writing about on my blog almost every single day. We have to work for what we want. Good things come to those who seek and work for it.

    The Prophet s.a.w. have taught them to work hard, and to put their faith in Allah (tawakkal). It is only then the comforts and ease will come from Allah.


I think that is all I want to share with you about today’s wonderful khutbah. Maybe I should do this every week so that I can also reflect and ponder about the lessons of it much deeper.

May Allah SWT bless all of you with everything that is good in this world and the hereafter and may we stay away from the emotion of hasad. Amin.

P.S. All of the quoted parts are from Muis’ website linked above.


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