I tweeted something out yesterday and I think it is a very good reminder for many of us.

“Rephrasing from Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan: Never give up on someone especially in religion. We will never know when their hearts will open.”

 When we are at the top, when we are the best in our field, even when we have achieved something: piousness, position, happiness, we shouldn’t look down on someone.
We shouldn’t look down on someone and give up on him when the only thing that we ever did for him is a single reminder. For issues that are big like religion, change doesn’t usually come instantly. It takes time. It takes continuous advice, concern, care, reminders for even a hint of change to happen.
Sometimes when we advise someone and when the person ignores it, we tend to think that it can no longer be helped. we end up being frustrated. I’m sure you’ve felt that way before.
But I think it is important that we never give up because it is not within the power of humans to change the heart of someone but Allah’s. So, have faith, have trust in Allah that one day, his heart will be opened.
Like water slowly flowing onto a rock, bit by the bit the rock will break letting water flow through it.