We all fall into self-doubt

No matter how confident we are or how motivated we are, there will be a day where we will doubt ourselves.

Self-doubt is toxic unless we learn to use it to our own advantage.

There are many people who fall into self-doubt and couldn’t pick themselves back up. They fall into this vicious cycle of doubting, questioning and pessimism, which takes a toll on their health and mental well-being.

I guess you can call that depression.

I’m fortunate enough to stay away from depression because of my naturally uplifting and motivated character. However, I don’t deny that I have fallen into self-doubt. It is a dark place and I always try to steer away from it when signs begin to show.

To be honest, there is no point to this blog post except that I want to remind myself that once is a while we fall into self-doubt and that you’re not alone. Don’t bring yourself to a downward spiral. Find help when needed. Talk. Keeping emotions inside will not help. Ever.


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