Year 1 in NUS, over.

It has been a hell of a Semester 2 with so many things accomplished and so many experiences gained.

So here’s what happened in Semester 2:

  1. Rihlah 1438H done and dusted.
  2. Islam Awareness Series 2017 done and dusted.
  3. I joined Freshman Orientation Camp 2017 as a committee member (Publicity).
  4. I was nominated and then appointed into NUS Silat’s committee as Assistant Team Member (Publicity).
  5. I learnt a lot about Photoshop and photo editing.
  6. I executed my first ever photoshoot gig and earned some money.
  7. Injured my right ankle (not an achievement but I guess it is notable?)
  8. Learning a lot from seniors and from people who came before me.

I think that is all.

In the span of the three months of Semester 2, it really felt as if it flew by in an instant as if I’m always on the move day in and day out. Looking back, it was almost daily that I come home late in the night, sometimes, due to Silat training, and sometimes because I spent my time in the library till it closes.

I might not have hustled much in the past semester but I’m glad that the hustle I put in had quality.

Furthermore, since it was semester 2, I guess I had more ground and a clearer understanding of how my life should be in NUS. I managed to pick up a routine: coffee in the morning, classes after, do work during breaks, lunch, more work, prepare for lessons the day before…

I realised that I’m super productive when I’m in school which might be the reason why I spent so much time there to only come home to sleep.

But all the things I didn’t isn’t without any drawbacks.

Getting home late at night usually means that I couldn’t really talk to my parents or spend some quality time with them. Also, it means that I’m neglecting my responsibilities as a son. That guilt was really heavy on me.

Furthermore, it meant that I have to sleep later and thus, my reliance on coffee increased. Creativity also went down the drain along with my fitness. I guess the only fitness I have left is what I gained during silat.

However, as bleak as it sounds, I have to say that I loved every moment in school because what made it awesome were the people in it.

I do not regret school at all.

Now, I have about three months of holidays. This does not mean a solid break but instead 3 months filled with HUSTLE. Time to catch up with what I’ve neglected and to also work for my future.

I’ll probably pen down my plan for the three months in the next post or something.

Anyway, my final say is this… I’M GLAD TO BE BACK!


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