Simplifying Life

I have read a bunch of articles related to life, life hacks and tips, and when I mean ‘a bunch’, I really meant A LOT.

After reading such articles day in and day out, I realised that there is a theme in the whole genre of life advice which is that they try their very hardest to simplify life into one or two things.

“Do these TWO things and you’ll succeed.”

“5 tips on how to SUCCESSFULLY hack Life!”

and so on…

and so forth…

But by simplifying life into just a few tips and tricks destroys the whole truth behind the struggle of life itself. Many things are ignored, this includes the soft skills needed to really succeed in life. Soft skills such as hard work, grit, tenacity, passion, communication and the like are all crucial for a person to succeed. One cannot just follow a tip such as ‘read a book a day’ and assume that they’ll succeed. No, they won’t. Even more practical advice such as to be a successful photographer, one has to take always take photographs. Heck, no matter how many photographs you take, if you do not polish up your communication skills, you will not even get a single client.

Furthermore, there are no real hacks in life because each experience is different for everybody. People can advise you all they want but that advice is gained through their own experiences. The problem is that everyone’s experiences are different even though they’re relating back to the same event. So, we cannot generalise one person’s experience to fit the lives of everyone. That’s the Cookie Cutter Problem.

Perhaps, the only reconciliation of such ‘life hack’ articles is that it makes us feel motivated and feel energised to follow that path the writer. It somewhat gives us some comfort knowing that because it worked for someone, it might work on ourselves.

Ultimately, all of us have to dive into life head first with the confidence that whatever mistakes that we do are experiences to improve ourselves. The lessons that we learn from are also unique to us.


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