When fun becomes work. 

I think what they say is true, when your hobby becomes work, you tend to want to stray away from it. 

I think that’s precisely what’s happening to my creative work of photography and creating in general. 

Being in-charge of several publicity ‘departments’, I’m expected to churn out creative work after creative work every single day. It gets tiring after a while and soon I began to do half-assed work. 

I don’t think I managed to spend more than an hour straight just focusing on a single piece of work. Instead, my mind jumps from one to another, diluting my creativity. 

I guess that might be why my work is becoming so bad. 

I realised this while I was editing the Silat Highlights Reel just now. I tend to make certain leeways on imperfections that I otherwise would never have done. Gosh. 

Maybe I’m just tired? 

I don’t know. 

Anyway, not only that, I realised that I’ve become super critical and controlling of how things should be done and get easily annoyed when things just doesn’t work out. 

Sometimes I wonder if I’m trapped in a cycle of busyness and whether I’m as good as what people expect me to be. 


This is hard. 


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