I’m turning 22 this December. Heck, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! 22?!

Gosh, I’m so old. There was a time when I wished to grow up quickly but now, I just wished for it to stop. Every year past the age of 20, the reality dawned on me that real adult life is just around the corner.

I mean I’m already considered an adult but reality has this way of slapping you hard in the face even if you expect it. So, I began to wrack my brain about the possible things I’d need to know as an adult and I realised that almost everything that I’d need to know were never taught in school. Especially so when such skills are needed immediately once we step out of school!

Gosh, things like how to get into a relationship properly, how to build a stable family foundation, how to sustain a family, how to be a full-fledged working adult, how to balance work and play…

Come to think of it, almost 18 years of education has prepped me nothing for the adult life except knowing how to interact and communicate with others. Apart from that, our minds are just filled with mathematics, the sciences and countless other advanced information that we might never have the need to know in the real world.

I’m not saying that hard facts and skills are useless. Of course, they primed our brain to think logically, rationally, and systematically. However, they have no practical applications in this thing called life. Even scientists have to rely on their soft skills to navigate their way through the harsh world.

“The more in-depth your major is, the more useless it becomes.”

The quote above was what my friend said when we were on the bus and I couldn’t help but agree.

As we go higher and higher in academia, the knowledge that we gained becomes less and less useful for our everyday lives. Such knowledge is only for specialised tasks like research and the pursuit of new techniques, things that we don’t usually do on a daily basis.

What I’m getting at is that, as much as I love school, I’m utterly stressed out by the number of things about adulting that I have to cram into my brain in these last four years. Also, in these last four years, I am also expected to get an inkling of an idea of how I’d run my life.

To be honest.

I still have yet to find a clue.

I just hope whatever I learn in the coming years will be beneficial for me as I slowly enter the world of adulthood. I just don’t want to be shocked by what is out there.



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