Did I do good enough?

My results for Semester 2 of Year 1 was released yesterday and I was disappointed.

I did not achieve the expected grades that I had hoped for. Furthermore, knowing the effort I put in, I thought I’d at least improve my CAP by a bit.

Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

I guess there were some minor slip ups leading to finals that resulted in my lacklustre performance.

Firstly, I became very complacent. I left a lot of things to the last minute, cramming information into my brain a few days before the examination itself. I was also unprepared for examinations, forgetting things and not being calm before the exam. Probably the messy mental state played a role…

Secondly, my revision schedule was messy, to say the least. I did not stick to it and when I do, I did not reap the full benefits of revision. It was to say, quantity instead of quality. Furthermore, my revision materials were too messy that half the time was spent on finding the right materials with the right information on it. Probably I’d need to start filing from next semester onwards. That might help.

Lastly, I was becoming arrogant. I thought I knew all the information at the back of my hand. So, I didn’t do many reviews of practices. I think that played a role in my poor results.

I’m just really disappointed and it just goes to show that there are still bad traits that I need to rid myself of.

May Y2 be a better year for me.


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