Losing my purpose

I haven’t been doing much creative work as of late. I think just the thought of having too much time paralyses me into procrastination. I put off work day in and day out and it is not doing any good to my creativity.

Furthermore, I think I have been spending too much time on social media. I believe I’ve consumed more content than I produce (heck, the last time I posted something on Instagram was a week ago). This isn’t good. I feel like my mind is slowly emptying itself out.

I. Need. To. Create.

To be honest, it has already been a week of fasting and I’ve yet to get my bearings. Heck. I don’t know what’s becoming of me.

The constant thought of work paralyses me and I no longer feel motivated as before. I know… I know the importance of work but heck, I just don’t feel like it. But even if I laze around, I feel like I’m dying, my existence slowly slipping away into nothingness.

I think I’ve lost my purpose.

Maybe that’s what it is.

I need to get back to my old self, quick.

OH. And also, I think I’ve been oversharing on Twitter and I’m personally getting annoyed at myself. I’ll be taking a break.


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