Opened Window

He clutched his chest for he could not breathe.

You would have seen him gasping for air like a fish out of water, his mouth opened wide, his nostrils flaring. Veins of his neck were pulsing hard, he is frightened, overcome with fear.  In a matter of seconds, he dropped, dead. Surrounded by no one, witnessed by none, it might be the loneliest scenario one can die in.

It was unfortunate that he happened to be alone that night, deciding to spend his time in quiet and solitude, and… maybe some Netflix.

Almost three hours ago, he had ended his shift as a security guard in one of the most prestigious buildings in the city. His responsibilities included managing the security staff and knowing the movement of everyone in the building. Because of that, he was highly knowledgeable about the way the whole building ran.

He clocked off, walked out and cycled back home before stopping by at a small 24-hour bakery to buy some of his favourite bagels. Spread some butter and sweet strawberry jam on the toasty, warm bagels and he’ll never stop eating till they’re all gone.

His window was open.

Two hours ago, he unlocked the door to his apartment, placed the bagels on the kitchen table and went straight to the shower. His window was open.

An hour ago, he tucked himself in bed, flipped his laptop on, and started to watch Netflix. His window was open…

A few minutes ago, as he struggled to breathe, he glimpsed a shadowy figure at the corner of his room with bloodshot eyes staring directly at him, quiet, composed.

His window was still open.


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