In the end, all of us are alone.

We can make as many friends as we possible, build and strengthen as many relationships as possible, love each and everyone you know hard but ultimately, we’re all alone.

As we lay 6 feet under, we are alone, alone with only our deeds.

As we lay 6 feet under, we are all alone with no one to help us, no one to find comfort in, no one to show us the way.

As we lay 6 feet under, all the things that we own and known to love have left us. That house you loved? Sold off to someone. That career you’ve worked so hard to build? Gone and you are replaced by someone else. The clothes that you owned? Worn by someone else. All gone.

In a generation or two, you are forgotten, completely forgotten. Who you were, what you’ve built, the stories you’ve told, the experiences you’ve gained, all gone.

Only you know that you had ever existed… 6 feet under.

You came into this world as a lonely soul and you left as a lonely soul.