Happy Vibes

There are periods of my life where I will get the emotion of nostalgia and happiness, an emotion that I cannot truly describe. It is a yearning for something but at the same time knowing that I’ll still be happy even without getting whatever that something is.

The past week was one of those periods.

I yearn to be back in Japan, to experience the sights, sounds, people, culture and beauty of Japan. The aesthetics of that country is what I miss the most. Every single building, every single architecture, vehicles and even the trees seemed to be strategically placed just for the aesthetics. Temples are a beauty, the trains there are a beauty, the malls, the forests, the lakes, heck even the toilets are beautiful. It was as if I was living in an anime.

I was watching an anime entitled ‘Kimi no na wa’ or Your Name and I loved it. Apart from the awesome and beautiful story about a guy and a girl, the beauty of the movie also lay with the aesthetics of the sceneries and artwork. There were so many relatable locations like Tokyo Tower, the Oshiage Skytree, the JR lines, heck, I loved how close to reality the trains in the show are to the real thing. I still can’t believe that I experienced all of that IRL.

The nostalgia got stronger and I’m just glad that I was given the opportunity to experience Japan.

This reminds me that I have yet to edit and upload my shots from Japan. Heck, summer is ending.

Got to run fam.


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