If only you know

I think you do.

I think you know what I feel in my heart towards you.

I think you know how I feel about you but I can’t come to say it, I can’t come around to admit it.

I fear that it is a phase, an infatuation. I fear that it might be a moment of desperation, an emotional impulse of want instead of need, an obsession instead of controlled, real love.

How do I differentiate the fake from the real, the truth from lies if it’s related to the matters of the heart?

The matter of the heart is a tricky thing, it is as if you’re walking on thin ice, fearing that a small misjudged step can send you falling into the dark abyss. One cannot navigate on this path recklessly. Slow, careful thoughts have to be made and considered.

I have to be patient. I guess that’s the game I’m playing right now, to be patient.

Like I always do.


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