I think I needed that.

This evening, I had a tea session with the Shura (basically, they are advisors). They are just there to check on us, to get to know us better and to give us advisors on the best way to move forward, be it in MS-related events or in life in general.

And I think it went superbly well.

I don’t know but after so long (about 6-8 weeks) of finding my bearings, I felt so much lighter as if a heavy burden is lifted off of my shoulders.

I am not sure why but I guess the combination of hilarious banter along with their sound advice really did help to recalibrate my mindset.

What I realised is that I’ve been so caught up on the ‘immense’ workload that I seem to have that I forgot that in the end, there’s a higher purpose of why I’m doing all of this. I forgot that in the end, as long as I do my best, everything else is up to Allah SWT. Nothing else matters other than doing something for the sake of Allah SWT alone.

The tasks that we do on a daily basis is minute and almost insignificant. I guess the thought that they’re ‘big’ tasks blew them up and out of proportion to the extent that I began to believe that they are really ‘huge’ and ‘massive’ tasks. In fact, they aren’t as what I made myself to believe.

To be honest, I feel really great now as if I was recalibrated back to last year. Do one task at a time, have composure, hustle and move on. Do not overthink it, do not ponder about it too much, do not panic.

I can do this.




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