Allow me to stop short

It is all my fault for falling into emotions.

Like I’ve said months, years before…

These emotions are burdensome. As much as they make you feel human, it distracts you from what you should really strive for which is to continuously improve yourself. Go explore, get experiences, understand yourself deeper, internalise nature.

There’re so many things that you can do if you’re not distracted by emotions.

I stopped short because there are signs, bad signs telling me not to proceed. I will listen to those signs.

Oh well.

The movie, ‘In the Mood for Love’, put it nicely:

“Feelings can creep up just like that. I thought I was in control.”

And it turns out, I wasn’t.

The combination of being in close proximity, psychology and boredom might have played crucial roles in the creation of such emotions.


Whatever it is, it is time to focus on the self, the hustle, the work.

Till next time.


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