It’s real isn’t it?

Like every other day before going to bed, I will look at myself in the mirror. Today, unlike any other day, I had pretty grown stubble. I guess it was because it was a stay home Sunday and thus, there was no need to shave.

Nonetheless, there was this stubble on my face.

Then I realised, it is real isn’t it, this… adult thing?

For a split second I was afraid, thinking that this was a dream because just a few years back, I hadn’t had this stubble, let alone the ability to grow one. But now, at 22, the impending doom of adulthood is obvious.

Gosh, it felt like it was just yesterday that playing Yugioh under the block was the only thing that I looked forward to and getting caught playing is the only thing that you’re afraid of. Now, there are so many things that you have to learn how to do, from paying your own bills to juggling finances to knowing how to buy a house etc. Just adult stuff.

Then, it hits you harder again to realise that your close friends are getting engaged or married and the events that you go to are weddings and 20+ aged birthday parties. It hits you even harder when you realise that those credit card people in malls are approaching you instead of your parents, thinking that you looked adult enough.

Now, you begin to think about so many different things and your uncertain future. Now, you got to think about a career, romance, work-life balance, family time, social time and juggling all of them around. How?!


That’s a lot to think about and I guess most of us are not ready for it.

To me, it feels as if taking a huge leap of faith not knowing what lies on the other side but taking it anyway because I have to. Because staying in one spot will not bring me anywhere.

Apologies. I know I had already posted one today but I feel that this is a really real thing. Something that I am low-key afraid off that has to be talked about because I think many people share the same sentiments.


Adulting… It is real eh?


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