The Final Stretch

It has been 11 days since I last blogged and that last post shouldn’t even be counted as one.

Anyway, Reading Week is finally here and thus, it marks the end of my third semester in university.

Well. To be honest, I don’t know what to feel about this semester. The first 3/4 of it has been in utter chaos, chasing deadlines, running around, participating in events, more running around…

I really don’t remember much of what happened early this semester. I guess I was just in a rush day in and day out that I couldn’t truly appreciate Time. Come to think of it, it is kind of sad. Also with the lack of blogging, I couldn’t ‘upload’ my thoughts like I used to. I should really get back into that habit.

I guess it is because of the commitments that I have. Looking at it, it wouldn’t be easier next semester, maybe even worse but insyaAllah, I can get through it just like how I survived this semester.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love school and everything and anything that has to do with it but sometimes, sh** gets hard and sometimes your performance in school constantly disappoints you. All I can say that I’ve tried my best.

Now, have I really?

I have been dividing myself into millions of parts and never really diving into my own work 100% at a time. The split-attention here and there means that I couldn’t unleash my true potential in any one task which kind of disappoints me.


But I signed up for this. I signed up for the hustle. I signed up to make myself better and to give what I have back to the community. Maybe, I might even be catching up on lost time, time that I have spent wasting away in junior college and in secondary school.

Oh well.

I have about 2 weeks before my finals. That isn’t a lot of time but I hope that I can really put my all into this final stretch. I don’t want to disappoint myself. Not again.



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