Childish Enthusiasm

I think I received a super good reminder today. It was about having a child’s enthusiasm towards learning.

As we get older we begin to do things without any sense of purpose, most of the time, dragging ourselves through a task just because we want to get it over and done with. I see this a lot as an undergraduate and I am guilty of doing that too. Unlike a child which is just inspired and enthusiastic about learning, young adults have a hard time grasping the purpose of learning. We tend to think of everything as a burden, something that we just have to get ourselves past.

In the end, most typical undergraduates just aim to graduate with a degree, not caring about the purpose of learning a certain subject.

I guess that this is becoming an epidemic in our society. We lost the motivation and the cheery, bright-eyed enthusiasm of children. Without which, we are no longer engaged in our work.

One thing that is different between a great artist and a good artist is that a great artist seeks to dive into that world of childishness and fun. They see the world through the eyes of a child and learn to find everything fascinating. That, I think is sorely needed in this world.

Maybe for a start, we can revisit and realign our purpose, to dive into the joys of learning and reignite that spark of childish curiosity that is in all of us.


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